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The place where you can learn more about Ayurveda, Yoga and your health; treatments to #uplevelyourlife can also be booked.

In my practice I use the wisdom of both Ayurveda (science of life) and Yoga (to join) in order to support clients on their paths: towards conscious relaxation, to a place where they feel more like themselves and are empowered to be in balance with their true nature and to achieve their potential.

Are you suffering from:
– chronic stress or burnout issues;
– chronic exhaustion;
– being overweight;
– hormonal issues;
– wanting to reduce/quit smoking;
– anxiety, an indefinable feeling;
– feeling lost & out of touch with yourself?

The goal of my practice is to teach you how to relax, within your body, your Self, your Soul: to support your return to balance, recover your holistic health & increase your self-healing capacity. I always tune into the client in order to discover what is the most suitable and effective, in that moment.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
Application of knowledge from Ayurveda, combined with other techniques intended to enhance the effect of the treatment. Treatment is given on an individual basis to give you insights into the process in which you may find yourself; we examine the daily habits which contribute to your being as a person and how you feel on the daily. Advice & homework are given, dependent upon your Ayurvedic type (dosha) and the nature of your request. Advice given may be related to eating/sleeping/living schedules and is always prescribed with your capacity in mind. After the appointment you are armed with insights, a feeling of relaxation and the energy to take the steps required to achieve your potential.

Prior to and following any treatment we always look at how you are feeling, discuss the issues that you are experiencing and your perspective on what’s going on in your life. This helps you to release mental toxins you may be (unconsciously) entertaining. Sometimes it only takes the right questions to point you in a direction that will bring your further…

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