Level Yoga Therapy appliesthe knowlede of ancient sister sciences Ayurveda & Yoga as well as Reiki to integrate various somatic therapies to:

  • provide you with personalised health advice;
  • teach you how to consciously relax on a daily basis;
  • empower you to apply the power of meditation to your life.

Coaching for a more conscious and relaxed life:

  • based on your birth constitution and designed to bring you back into a state of balance;
  • to learn how to build a healthy dose of self-care in your daily routine;
  • to feel better in your own skin, what often leads to weight loss;
  • to learn how to cope with your chronic pain issues (for ex: whiplash, headache and muscular pain) te ervaren (complementairy care);
  • to better cope with menstrual pain and menopause;
  • to reduce/quit smoking;
  • and much more…

I am interested, what next?

  • Contact me so that we can have a chat;
  • Tell me what’s preventing your from reaching your potential;
  • During your appointment, we will create a plan to uplevel your health, using:                                                  Ayurvedic Yoga en holistic wellness therapies;
  • The treatment plan is based on your personal goals & needs.

Contact me now so that we can commence your personal process of change !


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