Fresh start 2023

Looking to make a good start to your life in 2023?
What are your goals?
Which goals would you like to achieve but which have eluded you up til now?

Undoubtably, you know the answers to all these questions.
Except for the why part of your being unable to achieve your goals.

What if you do things on the daily, which actually prevent you from achieving your goals?

Time to participate in my fresh start programma!
Together we will make a plan in which your goals and the concrete steps required to achieve them, are clearly identified. You will be held accountable and receive my support when you come across obstacles along the way.

Want to feel less tired? Have more energy? Feel fitter, mentally and physically?

This 3 month* program consists of: regular appointments to discuss your progress, relaxing treatments and homework (to practice at home). This contributes to you feeling more like yourself, stronger in your body & life and more conscious of the impact you have: on yourself, your loved ones & the world! The first step is to plan an intake (in December / latest January 18th) and proceed thereafter with bi-weekly appointments, ensuring that your holistic health will receive an enormous boost. This means a fresh start in 2023, so that you can really make this your year!!

What are you waiting for?
Take the first step towards your future today!


*possibility of extension on an indvidual basis and in accordance with your needs/goals