Wanted: Yoga Case Study Participants

If you are someone who struggles with weight loss, stress and/or anxiety, or chronic pain issues, I’d like to invite you to apply for my Yoga Transformations Case Study program starting next month.

Benefits to you: Deepen your yoga practice and build strength, flexibility, and balance while  getting in great shape. No experience required.

Benefits to me: I love to teach, and I’m looking to gain more personal stories from my clients. I’m asking all case study participants to share their story at the end. It’s 100% optional to share your story, and you can always say no…but I will ask nicely:)


1X/WEEK PRIVATE YOGA (60 minutes)
To participate, you must be willing to meet for a private class with me once per week for a month (four private sessions in total). We can plan the location (in my yoga studio or your home/office).

2X/WEEK SELF-PRACTICE (30 minutes)
Between our meetings, you must commit to at least two other days each week of self-practice. It can be as short as 30 minutes, but you have to follow through.

Email or message me with questions, updates, and your experiences as we move through the program together.

Interested? Post your email address below (or message me privately) and I’ll send you the details and discounted tuition for you to consider.

Let’s do this!